Job-Ready Training in Accounting (Banking & Finance Sector)

Name: Accounting
Sector: Banking and Accounting
Code: BAN 101
Entry Qualification: 12th Standard & 18 Years & above
Terminal Competency: After training the person will be able to  independently work as an accountant in an IT enabled office/warehouse                                                          
Duration: 450 Hrs (113 working days with 4 Hrs in a day)
Certificate: Successful persons will be awarded competency-based certificates issued by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT)

Course Curriculum under Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDIS) based on Modular Employable Skills (MES)


Underpinning Knowledge (Theory)

1. Introduction to accounts Debit/ Credit

2. Tally

3. Complete Booking-Ledgers; credit control; Accounts receivable & payable

4. Voucher numbering

5. Classification of Accounting heads/ charts of Accounts.

6. Data based reporting

7. Voucher/cheques printing

8. Bank Reconciliation/multiple compares/ currency

9. Memo vouchers/post dated vouchers/ user defined vouchers/sales/purchase extracts

10. Calculation of interest/ Percentage Based reporting

11. Budgeting & Control

12. Variance Analysis/Ratio Analysis

13. Stock Category /query /multiple warehouse


14. Alternate units of measure & tail units; sales & purchase orders.

15. Rejection in / Rejection out; Movement Analysis.
16. Price list/multi price levels
17. Stock item; classification of raw material; work in progress
18. Job working concepts; Additional cost of manufacturing
19. Re-order levels; stock aging analysis; Tally Technology advantages Tally audit.
20. Multi lingual
21. VAT/Service Tax
22. e TDS

Practical Competencies

1. Debit/Credit Transaction entries.

2. Journal Entry book

3. Use of Tally computer programs

4. Maintenance of books, registers and Statement of Accounts

5. Preparation of Outstanding Reports

6. Accounts receivable/payable

7. Creation of new voucher type

8. Voucher/cheque printing practice

9. Creation of multiple companies.

10. Practice of multiple currency/ base currency.

11. Entry on memo vouchers

12. Entry post-dated voucher/user defined voucher

13. Sales/purchase extract; Daily balance & Transaction value.

14. Interest calculation/cash flow


15. Percentage based reporting

16. Practice on receivables turnover
17. Creation of new voucher type

18. Creation of stock category and viewing of Stock Query Report

19. Creation/ viewing of multiple warehouse

20. Stock transfer to warehouse

21. Use of alternate units

22. Practice procedure for Rejection Notes
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